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Landscape Serie


 During trips, I am a fan of photography, so when I come back I have the desire to reproduce this precious moment I caught.
It can come from Quebec, France or Hawaii: so I transpose the picture and the feelings by colors.

Here, you have a picture which inspired me, coming from Trois-Pistoles, a village of the Lower St.-Laurence region in Quebec. For me, a summer without going there is a sad summer!  Look and see my painting named "Trois-Pistoles'.

Styles available in this SERIE: figurative, or semi-figurative, all in acrylic.

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Painting La Provence

Painting La Provence

LANDSCAPE SERIE Semi figurative, acrylic 24 x ..


Painting Trois-Pistoles

Painting Trois-Pistoles

When it's possible, I spend my summer vacation i..


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