• Ebook Remember who you are! - Tome 1 - EPUB FORMAT, version anglaise
You are unique!  How can I convince you?
When will you come to terms
with those undeniable facts
and believe them blindly?

You are unique!
You are original like a masterpiece
of inestimable value!
You are magnificent!

That is what twins Liana and Felipe hear on the day of their seventeenth birthday, following the accident that holds them in the hereafter, between life and death. After finding themselves on the other side of the veil, they meet a Spiritual Guide who teaches them three essential lessons in order for them to remember:
* where they come from: their true origin as spiritual beings;
* who they truly are;
* where they are going after this encounter.

 Thanks to Mebahel, their Guide, they are also given precious and essential tools that will help them carry out their final decision, no matter where it takes them.
This adventure follows Liana and Felipe as they experience true communion with the Source, the Almighty Creative Energy, allowing them to lift the veil of illusion that has made them forget their true powerful nature. It’s an impressive encounter that changes their lives forever, offering them the gifts of inner peace and the chance to regain balanced self-esteem.
And believe it or not, all this could even happen to you. Just be warned!


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Ebook Remember who you are! - Tome 1 - EPUB FORMAT, version anglaise

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